3D printers



Material: ABS-Like Black Polyurethane

Process: Vacuum Casting

Finish: n/a

Lead Time: 16 days


Our team assisted in the short-run production of this WLAN Device for retrieving patient information from a hospital’s database. The master pattern of this part was made using SLA and a total of 4 Silicone RTV Moulds were made for each part. A typical RTV Silicone Mould can make upto 25 pieces of a given part after which it needs to be discarded. Vacuum Moulding was the technology of choice for this project as it helps in bridging the gap between conventional and additive technologies.

While conventional technologies (such as injection moulding) are ideal for high volume low value parts, the tooling costs can get quite exorbitant for smaller batches. In this case, a single cavity aluminum mould would have costed the end-customer over USD 12,000 in tooling costs alone. The same part could be made using vacuum casting technology in ABS material with an average cost of USD 25 per set. This meant a total project cost of less than USD 4500 (including master pattern and silicone moulding costs), an over 60% reduction compared to conventional manufacturing techniques!