3D printers



Material: PA12 Nylon

Process: SLS

Finish : Velvet Red

Lead Time : 12 days


This Artistic Skull Model was made in PA12-Nylon material using SLS technology. The model has a mesh structure and is completely hollow from the inside. It can only be manufactured using technologies with removable/solvent soluble support material or one not requiring support (such as SLS). A layer height of 0.1mm was used.

The model right adjacent to the skull is a 3D Printed Screwless Heart Gear. The novelty in the 3D Printed Heart Gear part is that it has a velvet finish. This velvet finish is added through an electrostatic application process called flocking.  Charged flock particles get attached to the grounded surface of the printed part due to electrostatic attractive forces. The electrostatic charge ensures that all fibers end up standing like strands of hair, resulting in a velvet finish.