3D printers



Material: Alumide

Process : SLS

Finish : Spray Paint with Labelling

Lead Time : 8 days


Our team was involved in the short-run production of this Plasma Cosmetic Corrector. The challenge in this project was a thin wall thickness of 1.1mm to be manufactured in plastic. The client also expected the end-product to not have any seam lines. Therefore, SLS Technology was used to ensure functional strength and a seamless product finish with alumide being the material of choice. Alumide is the perfect material to create stiff parts that need a metallic appearance, that are subject to low stress and that can resist high thermal loads. The production work was completed within 8 business days. This included all processes from start to finish such as arranging parts in the build space of the machine to the final coat of paint and labeling. Final assembly was done at the customer’s factory.

The cosmetic corrector needed the parts to snugly fit inside the 3D Printed housing. A deviation of more than 0.15mm would have caused fitment issues. Each part was carefully inspected for dimensional and structural accuracy before dispatching.