3D printers



Material: Calcium Sulphate Hemihydrate (POP)

Process: CJP

Finish: n/a

Lead Time: 2 days


This is a form-prototype of a Digital Multimeter made using ColorJet Printing (CJP). Full-color prototypes are required to understand the detailed form and layout of the part. It is also important for assembly. In this case, the customer wanted to check the look and feel of the product when held by the end-user. Full color models are also used to recreate architectural landscapes, infrastructure projects and consumer goods in a hyper realistic manner.

As can be seen in this model, Colorjet Printing has the capability of capturing the minutest of details (such as marks/ warning labels on any 3D Model). The only requirement is to write the 3D file with textures and colors embedded in the file or referenced. The downside of models printed using ColorJet Printing is that they are extremely fragile and need to be handled with care. These models cannot be used for fit/ functional testing as they can break easily. If a full-color model is required with medium to high durability, it could be printed using SLS/ SLA technology and painted manually subsequently. This significantly increases labor requirements but is especially useful when larger full-color models requiring assembly need to be made.